In a nutshell, Web2Artwork is an online publishing system for creating Adobe InDesign artwork from user submitted information and images.

View the four minute video below for a demonstration.

View the seven minute video below to see how Web2Artwork can save your business or organisation time, money and stress.

To find out whether our Web2Artwork platform would work for you answer the three questions below.

Q1. Do you produce publications like:

  • Directories
  • Guides
  • Programmes.

Q2. Do these publications have sections with identical or similar types of content? For example:

  • Titles
  • Images
  • Body copy
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Website links
  • Symbols or icons.

Q3. Do these repeated sections contain copy and images supplied externally, for example, advertisers?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions then watch the video above because our Web2Artwork system can save your organisation a lot of time, money and stress.

How Web2Artwork works

Web2Artwork lets your customers add their own copy and images to their space in your publication – using any computer with internet access. The system is ideal for collaborative working, whereby contributions (copy, information and images) are supplied by numerous third parties.

The end user’s journey

  • User opens a password protected account.
  • User submits images and copy via their web browser – no software required.
  • Character limits prevent to submission of too much copy.
  • User can save their submission and revise it later.
  • User approves an online proof before final submission.

The publisher’s journey

  • Publisher logs into admin area and exports the approved submissions into one small file.
  • Publisher emails the file to the designer or printer with the bespoke Adobe InDesign script.
  • This script converts website data into Adobe InDesign documents complete with linked images.
  • Designer can start styling and typesetting the artwork – safe in the knowledge that all the content is present and correct.

The advertisers’ access and editable rights to their submission on the site has resulted in a significant reduction in co-ordinator time as well as ensuring that the content is accurate. Producing a ‘guide online proof’ for each venue organiser (prior to them submitting their advertisement), empowered and in some cases enforced venues to make obvious alterations and improvements before approval. This self-proofing process drastically decreased time spent correcting and amending guide entries. The administrative area is user friendly and the look of the site in general is fresh and clear.

Leoni Linton

Development Manager, Lead on Communities, Brightstripe

Web2Artwork features and benefits

  • Your customers can add their own copy and images using any web browser – ensuring their content is exactly what they want.
  • And removing endless rounds of proofs and the pain of sending copy and images as email attachments
  • Character limits stop people submitting too much copy – and save you an editing job and endless proofs
  • Spell checker is applied to copy while it’s being submitted
  • All copy and content for multiple submitted entries is sent to your designer in one small file
  • Conversion of entries into Adobe InDesign documents takes just minutes (e.g. 100 documents take around 25 minutes). All linked images and assets are sent to the designer’s workstation.

Web2Artwork hosting and support

  • Web2Artwork can be hosted on your server and a sub-domain of your website – provided your server meets technical requirements.
  • Alternatively, we can host Web2Artwork on our secure VPS network and a sub-domain of For example
  • Technical support within the UK provided as standard (GMT 0900–17.30 Monday to Friday). Out of office hours (GMT time zone) support is an optional extra.

To talk through your proofing and publishing challenges, contact contact us. We’ll even throw in coffee and cake if we meet in person!

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Call Steven Mitchell on 0131 618 2999 to find out how Web2Artwork can benefit your business.

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