Whiteboard videos with bespoke illustrations and professionally recorded voice overs are an effective way to communicate succinctly to your desired market or audience.

Castle Strategy commissioned The Nth Degree to develop a concept and create a whiteboard video to illustrate how they can help business owners achieve their business objectives and stop the business taking over the owners’ lives.

Thanks to Chris Kane at Bee Herd Media for his contribution to the script and use of his recording facility. The bespoke illustrations were created by The Nth Degree’s director, Steven Mitchell.

Video transcript

Voice over by Ewan Menzies, Director, Castle Strategy

At Castle Strategy we help successful business owners reap the rewards of a successful business. We do that be helping them through growth periods by ensuring they have the processes and skills to take their business to the next level. We call it the Castle Strategy Journey. Let me spell out what we can do for you:


At Castle Strategy, we know business can be challenging. We believe it should be rewarding. It should reward you with profits, time and enjoyment. All too often it rewards you with stress, headaches and unsustainable demands on your time. We’ll help you strike a better balance.


Do you remember when you started your business? Full of creativity and ambition. That was before you got bogged down in management and paperwork. We believe that recapturing your creativity is key to realising your dreams. We know we can help you do that.


We’ll support your business to innovate, diversify, outsource, automate, deliver outstanding customer care and maximise profits … whatever you want to achieve we’ve got the systems, the experience and the knowledge to help you structure your business to deliver it.


We’ll work with you to do whatever it takes to ensure your business is fun, profitable and efficient … leaving you plenty of time to live life to the full.


Imagine that. Time to relax. Time to golf. Time with your family. Time to plan. Time to reflect. Time for whatever is really important to you.


Do you remember when you started your business? Full of hope for what it would help you achieve in your life. Is that now a distant memory? Because we can help make business enjoyable again.


Get in control. Get on top. Get in touch. Pick up the phone and call me, Ewan Menzies, and let Castle Strategy bring your future forward to now.

I commissioned The Nth Degree to assist with a whiteboard video for my company, Castle Strategy. The Nth Degree’s Director, Steven Mitchell, was full of good ideas about how convey the key messages quick and simple animated sequences.

Since launching the video through my social media channels and website I have had many likes, shares and comments including, “Very impressive”, and “Great video Ewan… love it!”.

A great job well done and I look forward to working with The Nth Degree again in the future.

Ewan Menzies

Director, Castle Strategy

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